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Daniela Delia  class 1983  ,Capricorn  .



During this period she was highly appreciated  and her leading role in fashion editorial.


Daniela Delia is not only a fashion stylist, but also a consistent presence at Paris and Milan fashion week. Her looks have been often photographed and posted on the most important fashion magazines such as Vogue  italy, Vogue Japan, Vogue  Australia, Vogue Turkey ,Vogue Mexico, Harper’s Baazar, GQ France ,Hghsnobiety, W Magazine ,The Sartorialist, Bill Cunningham’  New York Times and many more; who have been named her as  fashion influencer.


In the last two years, Daniela has offered her a new approach to luxury wedding clothing with brides that look for elegance and glamor. Collaborating with only the best photographers she has already been published by the most influential wedding magazine.